About 10 years ago I was given my first compact digital camera. I had posted photos on livejournal and photosight and when people started to ask me "Which camera do you use? Where have you studied?" I understood that I do something interesting not only for me. Later I changed my compact camera to new DSLR.

I always attempt to create something more than fixing reality, I feel that photography is not just a picture but strongest visual and emotional image. 

For a long time I was not shooting people and was concentrating on landscape and still-Life photography. But step by step faces, gestures, looks, movements appeared in my photos.

What is photography for me? It's the art of seeing. Why some shots are kind of magic and others are not? I think the issue is about ability to catch the spirit of a moment.


Firstly focusing on live emotion, my work today spans from wedding and engagement sessions to family portraits and videos.

If you are going to visit Russia and, especially, St-Petersburg, you like my works and wish we together create the story of you - just contact me and we will do it!


e-mail: photo@guzeev.com
Skype: dguzeev
mobile +7 921 940 41 01


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